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Also am quite the movie Hub. Got any recommendations? I take music and anime ones as well. Just put it in my ask. I love hearing from you guys! ♥

key props in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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the two main reasons i like pairings with height differences

  • the shorter of the two pulling the taller down into a kiss
  • the taller of the two lifting the shorter to kiss them
  • the taller one accidentally elbowing the shorter one in the face
  • the shorter one elbowing him back in the crotch

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Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant
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Hello! My name is Takoto.

My current graphics tablet is about 6 - 7 years old, I’m kinda worried it’s going to break soon, it keeps acting up, and it’s a very very old and outdated model. 

So I’m starting a GoFundMe project to hopefully raise the money for an Intuos Pro 4 Medium, which is pretty much my dream tablet, I’m starting University this September (an Illustration course) so this would be invaluable to me and probably help greatly. I’m primarily a digital artist, working on Paint Tool SAI, and without a tablet I’m pretty much useless. I also have a backlog of commissions I’m working on right now, and if my tablet goes I’m pretty much screwed. 

Please take a look and consider donating, it would mean a lot to me and be extremely useful ! Any extra money raise will go toward my Uni rent or if I raise enough, getting an Intuos Large rather medium. Thank you so much for your time, please pass this along if you can!

The GoFundMe Page | My Art Tumblr | My Deviantart | My Personal Tumblr | Paypal Donation Link (Button also on my personal tumblr)

"Hold on, my beloved sisters. I’m coming to kill you all." 

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Still struggling with this one…and here’s the WIP again 

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tfw u are ur own anime gf


My sexual orientation is straight

to the computer when I wake up

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I dyed my hair even blonder and did my makeup and now I feel all pretty and lalonde-y so here

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